Beautiful piece of black marble with gold-color wire around it // Preciosa pieza de mármol negro sobre la que se enrolla alambre dorado


SKU: SC_M_001
  • As our items are hand made, we only have one pice of each. But, if you love any of our OUT OF STOCK pieces, please let us know as WE CAN MAKE THEM SPECIALLY FOR YOU. Of course it will never be exactly the same, but is not this something good?

  • Each of our products are handmade and this means that no one else will have the same product as you.

    This necklace is made by the following materials:

    - Satin polyester cord (30cm)

    - Black marble with white veins

    - Gold-colour wire


    Cada uno de nuestros productos stá hecho a mano lo que garantiza que nadie más podrá tener un producto igual al suyo.

    Este collar está elaborado con los siguientes materiales:

    - Cordón de poliéster satinado (30cm)

    - Mármol negro con vetas blancas

    - Alambre dorado